In situation of warranty service a Client bears costs in both ways.

If you do not agree with covering costs of dispatch, please do not do shopping in our shop!!!

Doing shopping is equal with accepting the covering of costs of transport in case of
warranty services.

All goods in our shop are included in warranty.The length of warranty is 12 months from
the moment of writing out a receipt or an invoice.

Basic warranty periods:
AEG Classic Army - 12 months
AEG Tokyo Marui, G&G, King Arms, G&P, Deep Fire - 12 or 6 months
Gas or electric gun - 6 months

The rest of AEG of other producers - depending on a specification of a given producer.

An exact warranty period of a replica is specified near a product.

The base of getting warranty services is a warranty card and a receipt or an invoice
attached to the warranty.

ASGshop reserves the right to refuse the free warranty services if:

A warranty seal was removed from a replica.
A replica was being unscrewed (it especially concerns a gearbox)
A replica was being modified (it especially concerns a gearbox)
A replica was being used in a way that was inconsistent with its destiny.
A replica was being supplied with not recommended accumulator voltage which causes an
an increasing intensity effect on factory parts.

The warranty DOES NOT include:

Mechanical damages (breakings, scratches, etc.)
Damages of those parts of a gearbox which were not installed by our AEG authorized service.
Damages coming from users' neglects.
Defects caused by improper maintenance.
Powers of nature.
Natural use of materials such as: Hop-Up rubber, connections, engine brush, seal, etc.

Warranty on GB parts

If you decide on a home made installation of any of mechanical parts of gearbox, e.g. gear,
piston, cylinder set, gerbox frame, bearing, etc. it is equal with losing your warranty on
a given part!

The warranty on gearbox parts is valid when a given part was installed by our authorized service.

We remind that when a replica was bought in our shop, the installation of parts is free.

All parts (e.g. gearbox or external parts) bought and installed in our service contain
the 3-month warranty.